Book Review: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


ashley | I’d be lying if I said part of me didn’t pick up Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller because the daughter was a fiery redhead. I can’t help it, I love seeing myself in books and it’s books like this that make me proud to be one! This was such a fun adventure; I was sorry to see it end. 

Not surprisingly, I loved Alosa from the very start. The fact that she ended up being whipsmart and tough as hell was just a bonus. There was the perfect balance of sarcasm and irritation in her character, her stubbornness and sass didn’t make her seem too over the top, but she didn’t let anyone push her around. The secrets she was hiding created a whole other twist I honestly didn’t see coming and while I would have been happy to remain outside of this kind-of supernatural realm, it certainly made things a bit more interesting. 

While I’m not always a sucker for romances, the chemistry between Alosa and Riden was on fire. I couldn’t get enough. I loved how well they challenged each other and secretly looked out for and protected each other despite being captive and captor. There was a mutual respect which I love seeing in situations like this and it played off really well. Sometimes the romance flourished and overtook the rest of the story-line, but it never lasted too long and it ultimately didn’t throw things off track. Even though Alosa’s actions were influenced by her budding feelings for Riden, she didn’t let it totally overtake her judgement or her goals. She just toned down the badassery a bit and let some people live. 

There were some twists and turns at the end that refueled my interest in the story and actually made me excited for the sequel, instead of wishing it had all wrapped up in one book, which seems to happen to me a lot. I’m anxious to see where Levenseller takes these characters next and what the dynamic will be now that Alosa is back in charge. This was definitely an enjoyable read, quite happy to have stumbled on it. 


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february 28, 2017