Audiobook Review: M Train by Patti Smith


ashley | I’m a big fan of Patti Smith and I really enjoyed her book Just Kids. I don’t know if I was expecting something similar from M Train, but it was definitely not similar and definitely not at all what I was expecting. 

M Train reads almost like one long prose poem, everything is very dreamy and poetic, but as far as memoirs go, it’s not linear or clearly defined. Smith highlights a lot of what she’s eating or drinking and the places she’s going, as opposed to clearly speaking about how she is feeling or anything immediately personal. And yet, you know that these places and these rituals are very personal to her and she’s sharing them in a somewhat experimental and unique way, allowing the reader to follow her on her travels not just through life, but around the world. 

We meet a lot of people and a lot of different places along the way and steal glimpses into certain places or holes in the wall that we might not have been introduced to otherwise. I did enjoy the tangents about the detective shows she was watching, something we could bond over, but I have to be honest in admitting that this style didn’t fully work for me. I found myself drifting a lot and getting distracted and didn’t feel fully pulled into her world like I have in the past with her music and other work.  

Smith is a beautiful writer and a great dreamer and storyteller; the dreamy stream of consciousness about drinking coffee is definitely a unique take on things, but I guess I just wanted a little more from this?


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october 6, 2015