ARC Book Review: Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett


ashley |Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett seemed like it had a little bit of everything – adventure, witches, ghosts, avalanches – which could easily be too much, but ended up being the foundation for a very interesting and adventurous story. 

Things started off pretty great, the world itself I found quite interesting with a lot of different components and elements from different cultures. It very quickly sets the scene for an epic adventure of betrayals and challenges, all of which I was really anticipating and looking forward to. This was definitely a strong part of the book and I really enjoyed what Fawcett did with her setting. 

We are introduced to our cast of characters and while no one was particularly unique, they all fit nicely into certain predetermined roles and personalities, roles I tend to like to read about. Kamzin is your typical outcast female lead, the one who isn’t expected to do wonders, and yet ends up doing something great. Her initial meeting with River Shara sets the scene for a love/hate relationship between the two, he’s obnoxious and that creates a lot of banter with conflicting emotions, but something I am an absolute sucker for. Then there is Tem, Kamzin’s loyal best friend who is the gentle, cautious and reliable best friend and, of course, the third leg of a love triangle that I could already smell a mile away.  

The really hard part about a story based on a journey is that so much of that journey is just the characters going from their start point towards their end point. You can throw in some obstacles along the way, but the majority of the trip is just people walking, talking, moving, but not necessarily going anywhere. Not to mention that for the majority of the book we don’t even have any idea what it is they’re even on the journey to find! All we know is that it’s a talisman that is really important, but not important enough to tell anyone else about.  

This was a difficult factor in the flow of the book for me. Considering the characters were somewhat cliche and fit nicely into boxes that we’ve seen many times before, they couldn’t quite carry this far enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice back and forth between them, romantic complications, etc etc, but it was all very expected and the foreseen path was pretty much laid out well before they even left home. 

Things did pick up towards the end and there was a twist that could be anticipated but still made things more interesting and carried you quickly to the end.  I really quite liked how this ended, it made the trip to get there well worth it.

This was a good read for what it was, I enjoyed it and read it fairly quickly, however nothing took me by surprise or stood out. But it was a fun adventure with a variety of different supernatural  elements and an interesting take on witches. I would be curious to see how it continues in the next book. 


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today! september 5, 2017

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