ARC Book Review: Odd & True by Cat Winters


ashley | Have I told you lately how much I love Cat Winters? Cat Winters does no wrong. Every time I read a new book of hers, I don’t think she can impress me more, and yet she does. The ideas she comes up with always wow me. I was thrilled to see her new book Odd & True available and I couldn’t wait to let her take me on another adventure once again.  While her books are always bordering some level of supernatural, Odd & True sounded like it jumped full into the supernatural realm with two sisters who hunt monsters.

Odette and Teudchen grew up surrounded my supernatural folklore that ran in there bloodline, so naturally they were destined to be brave and courageous women. But what appears to be a fun monster hunt adventure is far more, as Winters often does with her work. This delves into the depths of family secrets and shame, an unwavering sisterly bond and certain loves that are stronger than could ever be imagined. 

Flipping between childhood and adulthood, we see the two sisters grow and come to terms with their lives while also battling that burden of becoming adults and losing touch with the mystical and magical realms of childhood. 

I quite enjoyed this, as I knew I would, reading it in nearly one sitting. I was able to pick out certain plot points ahead of their reveal, so I can’t say I was totally taken by surprise in the end when things were revealed, but nonetheless I really enjoyed where this book took me and Winters has a beautiful way of making the past so colourful and vibrant with a modern feel.  

As always, I recommend anything Winters writes, her novels are full of such interesting and strong characters that make a real impact. I can’t wait for the next one. 


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today! september 12, 2017

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