Audiobook Review: Wildflower by Drew Barrymore


ashley | I don’t know what compelled me to pick up Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a huge Barrymore fan, though I absolutely adore The Wedding Singer. But I am drawn to Barrymore’s wild and free nature and was curious to see what she had to talk about in a so-called memoir. 

Reveled as a wild child actor, Barrymore doesn’t necessarily share all her wild stories from those days. She seems to pride herself on having grown up and moved past her rebellious years. Sure, there are glimpses into that life, but if you’re looking for a tell-all full of juicy stories about being on the strip at 14, this isn’t it.  

Instead, we’re treated to silly stories from her life, her friends, her marriage. We get to see the side of Barrymore you see more in her later movies and I loved this. She’s such a humanist and a realist and she’s lived through some crazy times, so you trust what she’s sharing with you. 

The audiobook is read by the author, in her familiar valley girl drawl, but like she says in the book, don’t let that fool you. Barrymore proves she’s a whip smart business woman and a very determined go-getter. A lot of people would have given up after their career crashed and burned at 12, but Barrymore built an empire for herself and a life for herself afterward that should be celebrated. 

Anyone familiar with Barrymore’s work or life in general will enjoy this read. She dedicates a chapter to Adam Sandler and speaks sentimentally about her dogs. She does share some wild stories, but also some very intimate and sweet stories about her time on the ET set and her relationships with Steven Speilberg and Cameron Diaz. It was a wonderful listen and definitely furthered my respect and admiration for her as a whole. 


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october 27, 2015