Audiobook Review: Buffering by Hannah Hart


ashley | I can’t say I’m a fan of Hannah Hart. Other than following her on Instagram, I’m really not at all familiar with her videos or her work. But I’ve really been into audiobooks lately and was curious about Buffering when I stumbled upon it, so I thought I’d give it a listen. 

I knew Hart was a youtube celebrity (something I tend to steer clear of) and had something to do with a drunk kitchen, so my expectations were small and generally circled around a compilation of drunken stories, lesbian adventures and slapstick comedy. I was more wrong than I ever thought possible. 

What Hart has here is a book that’s, well, full of heart. She does touch on the things I mentioned above, but in a far more analytical way. She talks frankly about her sexuality and how it drove her away from her Jehovah’s Witnesses’ father, she talks a lot about her complicated relationship with her mother and their struggles with her mother’s mental illness and the failing medical system, she talks most about her relationship with her sister Naomi and how through the ebb and flow of the years, they’ve continued to be each others foundation. I got a lot more than I was bargaining for. 

It’s easy to see how Hart made a success out of talking on the internet. Listening to her read her audiobook, she has a real natural flare for sharing stories and performing without being too over the top. She spoke a lot about having anger issues and lashing out, but she presents herself with such a cool and calm exterior, it’s hard to believe that there’s such rage storming underneath.  

I grew to admire Hart after finishing her book. She worked extremely hard to be where she is today, her youtube origin story wasn’t some formulated plan to get famous, she was sincerely just trying to help cheer up a friend. She has spent years trying to help her mother and as been put through far more hardships than she even mentions in this book. My initial impression of a carefree, happy go lucky drunk youtube star was so off. Hart is a determined, hard working, smart and incredibly talented person who shares her stories with a brutal honesty that demands respect.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, not for the entertainment aspect, but for seeing this other side of someone and being reminded that everyone has their own struggles. Hart is an incredibly strong person and I have the utmost respect for her work – so I should probably go watch her videos now.


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october 18, 2016