Book Review: The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter


ashley | Karin Slaughter has quickly become one of my favourite thriller writers, so when I saw The Good Daughter was available, I jumped on it. This was a great book. A great read. I highly recommend it. But be warned, it’s also very graphically descriptive and violent, with some sensitive subject matter that might be too much for some people. 

I always know to expect greatness from Slaughter, but I think this might be my favourite book of hers to date, probably because of how disturbingly real it was. There is so much happening in this book, it starts immediately with a storm of drama (and violence) and continues straight through until the end. There’s trauma, emotional issues, deaths, trials, relationship problems, you name it, but never does it seem too crowded or overdone. It all works together to create a perfect storm. 

I really felt for Charlie and Sam. These once-close sisters had been through unimaginable trauma and neither of them came out unscathed. Reading about them trying to navigate their lives while simultaneously experiencing more trauma and uncovering old secrets and reopening old wounds, it was just awful. But also mesmerizing at the same time. 

I enjoyed that the emphasis wasn’t so much on the crimes committed, but more about these girls – the lawyers – and their relationship with their father and how that drove certain actions and story arcs. It’s very character driven, with the brutal crimes more as the background, and yet we are still treated to two very interesting unveilings with these cases.  

The reason for my 4.5 rating lays in the unveiling of these cases. There were certain details about one of the crimes that I was able to decipher well before I was supposed to and that usually takes something away from the story for me. But this book was such a tricky, wickedly weaved web that despite this, there were so many other strong standing portions of the book that this was downgraded to more of a mild annoyance. 

This was well balanced, consuming and thrilling. Everything I love about books like this. Highly recommend, though as mentioned, the content is not for everyone. 


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august 27, 2017

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