ARC Book Review: This Book Is Not For You by Daniel Hoyt


ashley| This Book Is Not For Youby Daniel Hoyt claimed it was not for me, but this book was exactly what I needed. I likely won’t be the only one to compare the tone of the narrator to that of Holden Caulfield in my beloved Catcher in the Rye, that was the first thing that struck the right chord with me. I’ve missed that kind of chaotic narration. My head has been so far in the clouds, I forgot how exhilarating that kind of brutally honest stream of conscious messed up word vomit can be. And I loved every word of it. 

It was quick, it was witty, it was all over the place yet never strayed too far from the core story. It was violent but it was also vulnerable. It will make you laugh and it will also make you cry. It will make you question everything you’re reading and everything you know.  

This was a gritty coming of age story about a boy named Neptune who had been put upon and put upon, not unlike the tragic heroes he often references in the book. He fell in with the wrong crowd, he committed some wrongful deeds, and when the only person who was close to him, a mentally ill old school teacher, winds up dead, Neptune’s world starts to crumble and come into focus all at the same time. 

This was chaotic and it was hard to follow, but it was also clear. It was a mess of contradictions and things that felt like lies but you’re constantly told are not lies. There was a dark overtone of lost youth, of kids who fall through the cracks and are just trying to get by, but there was also a hint of a love story, of broken people finding broken people and mending into some kind of whole. 

Whatever this was, Daniel Hoyt may be partially right, this may not be for everyone, but this book was definitely for me. 


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november 7, 2017

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