Audiobook Review: The Last To See Me by M. Dressler, performed by Lauren Ezzo


ashley | Not only was The Last To See Me by M. Dressler the first audiobook I’ve listened to that wasn’t a memoir, it was also the first time someone has reached out to me to request a review for an audiobook. I spent my daily commute immersed in the haunting telling of this eerie ghost story.

The first thing I noticed was that this audiobook was performed by Lauren Ezzo, not read. That’s how it was introduced, but that’s also how it played out. Ezzo doesn’t just recite the words like some boring school lecture, she fully performs the piece as the characters, making this far more than just an audiobook. With the light, almost musical Irish cadence of Emma’s ghostly narration, it was almost soothing listening to the story, and Ezzo slipped so easily in and out of various characters to perform dialogue and form this picture in my head with the words she was reciting. 

In terms of the story, this very much feels like an authentic Gothic ghost story. A lost soul haunting an old mansion and a family determined to flush her out by ways of a hunter hired to cleanse the building. I really enjoyed that this was from the perspective of the ghost, that we got to see her life prior to death, as well as the present, to piece together a life she’s longing to cling to. This perspective gave a lot of empathy to the ghost, Emma, and made this more than just a ghost story. The dynamic between hunter and prey, human and ghost, and the different perspectives their status in life gave them was really interesting.

The prose, as well, was beautiful and haunting. There were so many beautifully descriptive passages, it was so easy to visualize the story while listening to Ezzo’s calming Irish lilt. For a book about a haunting, I actually found so much of it very peaceful and dreamy. It sucked me right in and totally won me over. I was at Emma Roses’s complete mercy for the entire telling. It’s hard to believe that this is Dressler’s first novel.

As the climactic ending rose, so did the passion and emphasis of the reader, thus making it flow really quickly and barrel along at a rapid pace. So much so that, while I had an exhilarating feeling far more than I would have had just reading it myself, I felt as though I missed something, that the ending was kind of confusing and without having the ability to slow down and pace myself to really let the events sink in, I think whatever impact it could have had, the big reveal was somewhat lost on me and I’m still not entirely sure what happened, which is unfortunate because this was such a solid read all the way through, to have it end on that kind of anti-climactic note was unfortunate. 

I wouldn’t necessarily call this scary, the horror aspects were very subtle, but it was well built and well written, and listening to it as an audiobook made it seem very much alive and made Emma Rose and her stories of her past and present very powerful. This was a pleasant surprise and more of an experience than I was expecting. A very unique way to take in a ghost story. Definitely recommend. 

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october 17, 2017
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