ARC Book Review: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

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ashley | I was a little hesitant picking up The Woman in the Windowby A.J. Finn. It sounded far too much like Rear Window to me and I was worried I’d get a loose rip-off of the Hitchockian classic, with a bit of trendy psychological thriller mixed in. I was very wrong. 

The chapters are small and quick to burn through, making this such a quick and addicting read. The book started with the somewhat mundane realities of Anna’s life; her wine consumption, her internet therapy, we followed her around her house as she spied on her neighbours and stalked people online. The days passed by quickly, and I started to worry perhaps this really was a subtle nod to Rear Window without much variation, and then things went in a completely different direction that caught me off guard.  

I liked Anna as a character. I thought she was the perfect kind of tragically broken. I liked her struggles with her personal life and family, I liked that she drank a bit too much wine, I liked that because of all this she was unreliable herself, giving more confusion to the questions that linger through the whole book. I didn’t once feel like something was being written just to take the story in a certain direction or fill a gap to get to the ending. I really liked how Finn put this together, it’s hard to believe it is a debut novel. 

I usually pride myself in being able to decipher the big twists long before the big reveal, but Finn had me strung along in a complete confused daze the entire book. I was ripping through the pages, needing to know whether Anna was seeing things, or if her neighbour really did come under harm and a big conspiracy was taking her place. Perhaps I should have seen certain things coming, the ending made sense and I was kicking myself for not coming to that conclusion sooner, but I think Finn did a great job with giving a lot of different prospective possibilities and making a lot of those possibilities and characters really believable so that it was really hard to pinpoint anything for certain. Every time I thought I was on the right track, I got smacked in the face with something else I didn’t see coming.  

I really enjoyed this read. I thought the plot was strong, I wasn’t disappointed in the ending, just disappointed in myself, and it whipped by at such a rapid pace with a bunch of sharp turns that I’m pretty sure it gave me whiplash. While it does pay homage to certain classic books (and perhaps even movies), this is a beast all on it’s own and I’m thankful I came across it. 


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