Book Review: Dawn Study by Maria V. Snyder


ashley | I have been such a fan of the Study books, Maria V. Snyder was one of the first YA authors I stumbled onto and she kind of paved a way for my interests in this genre. I’ve loved Yelena and Valek for so long, so I was quite pleased to find that Dawn Study was published. It slipped under my radar and frankly, kept getting pushed aside for months.  

It was clear to me early on that I didn’t read the last book in this series, Night Study. Another one that slipped under my radar apparently. So it took a little bit to catch up on what happened, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t follow the story, Snyder did a great job of refreshing the important details. 

The magic that I loved about this series was still very much present, but at this point – 6 books in – the formula was all too familiar. Our favourite characters weaved themselves in and out of trouble, making a mess of things before fixing it all and saving their world. It`s an easy book to read and to enjoy, but I fear it`s becoming a bit tiresome for me, and thus, my enjoyment of this series wasn’t what it once was. 

Yelena was still as fierce and independent as ever, but Valek, though always protective of her, was starting to drive me crazy with how overprotective he was in this case. Yelena couldn’t breathe without him scouting out the area first to make sure there was no toxic air around. He used to be so valiant and their relationship was so passionate and strong, but I was rather tired of their dynamic in this book and it just didn’t make me swoon as it once did. 

I love Snyder’s work and she writes beautifully, but I found the story dragged and got caught up in all the middle parts, the preparing for battles or trying to rescue people and nothing seemed to get accomplished. Or as soon as something was accomplished, something else happened that led our characters back to square one again. I got tired of running in circles. 

The gist of it I guess is that this book made me tired. It was a nice finish to the story and tied everything up nicely, but I feel like this was a couple books too long for the series. 


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january 31, 2017

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