Audiobook Review: Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown


ashley | I haven’t read anything by Brené Brown before, but I’ve seen her name come up a lot and have always meant to. So when Braving the Wilderness was available on audiobook, I thought I might spend my mornings with Brown learning how to truly belong. 

Because isn’t that what everyone naturally craves? A sense of belonging? Like Brown, I’ve always felt like an outsider and listening to her share her thoughts and research on the topic really hit close to home. However, I’m not sure this book was the best place for me to start as an introduction to her work.  

The book was well researched, giving us both facts and personal antidotes from Brown’s own life. But it just didn’t fully grab me, or wow me, and I guess that’s what I was expecting. There were a few passages that did hit really hard and I really enjoyed what she was saying and paused, taking it in. But for the most part, I didn’t really feel like I was getting much in return and Brown was just sort of repeating herself throughout. 

I think this is a really important subject, the concept of belonging, and I really liked the comparison between belonging and fitting in, but I’m not sure there was enough substance in this book to make it fulfilling. It felt almost like this could have been a small portion of something even bigger. 

Sadly, this was my first introduction to Brown’s work. I don’t think it has made a negative impact and I’ll happily explore some of her other work, but hopefully anyone else hoping to use this book as the catalyst to a love affair with Brown will take note and look elsewhere first. 


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september 12, 2017