ARC Book Review: Keep Her Safe by K.A. Tucker


ashley | I started Keep Her Safe by K.A. Tucker the same way I start most books, a little hopeful but mostly cautiously optimistic. This was marketed as a romantic suspense, and the romance part made me a little hesitant. I’ve made this mistake before and ended up reading more erotica than anything else, but the further I read with this, the further drawn into this story I was. 

Corrupt cops, a supposed set up, a huge sum of money showing up out of nowhere, this had every element of an action read and I whipped through it at a rapid pace.

I loved how this worked, told between timelines of what happened in the past and then what was happening in the present, where we followed Noah and Grace as they tried to uncover the truth. I really came to care a lot about these characters, Tucker did a great job of bringing them to life and uncovering a backstory that hits deep and makes you care about the outcome. 

The author straight up says she was trying for a romance story written in among this corrupt crime book, so there is no surprise that Noah and Grace gravitate towards each other while they work closely with each other. It compliments the story well enough and adds that second layer that she was going for.  I didn’t find it too overbearing or overly gratuitous, though sometimes it came close. But I really liked their chemistry and it felt like a natural romantic progression, nothing forced or written just to be graphically sexual.

I was pretty much kept on my toes this whole book. Some aspects you could kind of assume, but for the most part I was as in the dark and Noah and Grace and eager to find the truth. However, I did predict the twist in the end about half way through, so that was too bad, but that didn’t take away from what that twist meant and how it cemented all the pieces together. 

I really quite enjoyed this book and the direction it took. It wasn’t light-hearted and definitely had some awful moments, but it was well written and well thought out and made for a really fast paced and interesting read. 


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january 23, 2018

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