Book Review: Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman


ashley | I have a love hate relationship with series and sequels, so I was cautious picking up Blacksoulsby Nicole Castroman. I enjoyed Blackhearts, though the romance aspect surprised me a bit, but I was anxious to see what adventures laid ahead for these two. 

Though I was prepared this time, I felt that that the romance part of this story was far more dominant this time around. The first part of the book, Anne and Teach are separated and waste no time hiding the fact that they are pining for each other. I’m not bothered by this in general, most of the time I think it’s sweet, but there’s also a very thin line between subtly showing this affection and making it all about the pining and distance. 

I think this falls victim to the second book syndrome, where it’s mostly an anti-climactic stepping stone between the first book and the last book and nothing really happens. There is a lot of talk about revenge plots and a few scenes that set the wheels in motion for something bigger, but as far as the story goes, I found it kind of lukewarm and, I hate to say, boring. I guess that’s the problem with a story on a ship, it can only move so fast and when not much happens, the characters have too much time to pine and woe over each other and reading chapter after chapter of this back and forth eventually becomes way too much. 

The only thing that really had me excited was the new female pirate Reva, who we see only briefly at the beginning. She was what I would have wanted Anne to be more like. I feel like my interest would have been more ignited had she had a bigger part through the bulk of the book, or if Anne had somehow taken on that swashbuckling swagger instead. In fairness, Anne does start to stand her ground a bit more towards the end, but only after Teach treats her like a poor defenseless maiden that can’t possibly handle herself. Don’t even get me started on that part. 

I’m not saying this was bad… I guess I’m just saying that when I have a to-read pile that’s touching the sky, I hate feeling like I’m wasting my time with something and I really didn’t get much out of this. Which is unfortunate because I did quite like the first one. The ending picked things back up and set the stage for an adventurous third book, so I’m hoping that whatever follows this will hold more of the adventure my pirate legs seek. 


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april 11, 2017