ARC Book Review: The Night Child by Anna Quinn


ashley | I finished The Night Child by Anna Quinn in one sitting over the holidays, and it was not at all what I was expecting. I didn’t read much about it before it was sent to me, but I was expecting a suspenseful thriller or some kind of supernatural mystery.  

What I actually experienced was the very emotional repercussions of a suppressed trauma that manifests years after the triggering events. And triggering they were, much like this book was, so be prepared.  

I feel like this must have been therapeutic to write, as the subject manner was dealt with in such an emotional and realistic way, coming from a place of deep knowledge and understanding.  I found this very moving and enlightening and I feel like anyone who has experienced trauma or is currently dealing with something similar can intimately relate to the feelings and thoughts that are described in this book.

It wasn’t so much a story, though. We don’t see much outside of the current events and there isn’t much character building outside of realizing and accepting the circumstances, but it is a strong snapshot of what it’s like dealing with a certain kind of repressed trauma and how it can have such a lasting impact on your life, even when you can’t seem to remember it’s there. 

I didn’t necessarily enjoy the book or the characters, they didn’t feel very dimensional to me, but I felt the subject matter was described and dealt with in a very respectable and sensitive way and this topic is so difficult to talk about, so I admire anyone brave enough to write about it and write about it well.  

This of course won’t be for everyone and you might be surprised by what you get if you have misleading expectations going into it, but it is a very important look at these painfully traumatic experiences and I think that in itself is worth reading.  


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january 30, 2018

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