Audiobook Review: I’m Fine… and Other Lies by Whitney Cummings


ashley | I always felt like I was alone in it, but I really loved the show Whitney starring Whitney Cummings. I thought she was feisty and funny and I related to her a lot and really appreciated a show where the man was the more sensitive, marriage seeking part of the couple and the female was terrified of commitment. At the time, it seemed like that wasn’t done in mainstream outlets that often. Picking up the audiobook for Cumming’s I’m Fine… And Other Lies was me trying to relive those glory days. 

I read (or listen to) a lot of memoirs and a lot of them are the same. But this felt a bit more like a memoir / self-help book, with the approach Cummings tries to take. A lot of authors say they want the reader to learn from their embarrassing mistakes, but Cummings seemed to take that a step further by actually bringing you into her scenarios and lessons by giving you actual exercises to practice on your own, not just telling you what she learned. I really liked that. 

This book was, of course, full of embarrassing stories and life lessons, but I quite enjoyed her casual, comedic take on them. It didn’t seem like she was trying too hard, she didn’t try and turn everything into a joke or a punchline (though sometimes you could tell that’s what she was doing) and she shared some very intimate and tough subject matter. 

I also found it interesting that this wasn’t so much a behind the scenes look at the comedy business, or a lot of name-dropping of comics she hangs out with, but more of a collection of essays about pop culture or life experiences that I think anyone can relate to on one level or another. 

If you’re into funny, smart women who are up front about their issues and their lessons, but also seem to genuinely want to share these lessons with their readers, then you should pick this up. I hope Cummings does a lot more writing, I would read another of her books in a heartbeat and I feel like she has a lot more to say. 


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october 3, 2018