Audiobook Review: Theft by Finding by David Sedaris


ashley | I have read a few books by David Sedaris over the years and quite enjoyed their quirky, often self-deprecating outlook on life, or on his life at least. So I was really curious to see what Theft by Finding would be like, a book that is literally taken from his diaries over the past 40 years. 

As much as I love diaries and insights into people’s strange and dark minds, this was a rather weird read for me. Perhaps because I was listening to it as an audiobook, but it moved so fast from entry to entry and really didn’t offer anything much more than observations or relayed conversation that Sedaris had or overheard.  

Of course there was a certain humour to this and at times, everything was very charming, or humorous or downright ridiculous, but I think I much prefer his essays, his work that has a bit more substance to it than a few lines jotted down on his day to day travels. 


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may 30, 2017