ARC Book Review: Look For Her by Emily Winslow


ashley | Once again I find myself reading a book without having read the previous books in the series. Look for Herby Emily Winslow is the fourth book in the Keene and Frohman series and promises to be a gripping, psychological thriller about a legendary missing girl. I love me a good thriller and was hoping that, even without the backstory, this would be a rich read. 

I did miss knowing the history between Keene and Frohman, who in this installment, have had a falling out and are walking on eggshells around each other. However, I don’t think jumping in at this point had a huge impact on this story. This was a different case that was quite interesting to me, told from varying points of view, with a focus on different characters. Some chapters are transcriptions of therapy sessions, other chapters revolve around the patients in real life, as well as the therapist, all with a common thread from the past tying it together. 

I found this format really interesting, especially the session transcriptions, because the narrative is so raw and unreliable, speaking in a way people just don’t speak in regular conversations. But the fact that these people were unreliable, I found facts started overlapping a bit and everyone being obsessed with the same case started to all blend together and confuse the independence of some of the characters. Not to mention a lot of people had the same or similar names. I didn’t feel like anything was strong enough on it’s own to fully stand out and the story felt a little muddled and confusing at times. 

The detectives seemed very much like secondary characters to me, which could be because it’s a fourth book in the series and I had no other knowledge of them, but I felt like their part in all this didn’t really matter until the end when they swooped in and put all the pieces together. The chapters from their perspectives didn’t really do anything to help solve the case and I was far more invested in Lauren Ambrose and her clients than anything else. That might have been different had I developed a fondness for the detectives throughout the series, but I still feel like they were completely underused here. 

There were some parts of this that I really didn’t like, parts that I felt were more like tools to fill in the blanks as opposed to a clever and natural flow of the story and things I felt that could have been handled differently to make the narrative stronger. Those parts bothered me a lot. But overall, I liked the twist in the end as the case comes together and I didn’t feel let down with the resolve. 


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