Book Review: Lycanthrope Rising by John Matsui


ashley | I feel lucky that John Matsui keeps sharing his work with me; his sense of humour and writing style really adds a level of enjoyment to his work and while I find myself moving away from the vampire/werewolf genre, I couldn’t pass up a chance to read Matsui’s new book, Lycanthrope Rising, which isn’t so much a sequel to Late Bite, but more of a companion that expands the story in the first book. And it’s once again set in Toronto, which I love.

Matsui writing style is concise, the plot moves quickly and it never feels like anything is dragging. This tends to keep the reader really engaged and makes for a quick read. Matsui puts a microscope on celebrity and science and politics, with a Vampire at the helm, which I think is a very interesting perspective. It blends the fantastical with the harsh realities of our current political landscape and gives him an opportunity to criticize society in a tongue-in-cheek way.

What I enjoyed about Matsui’s previous work, and what is still very strong here, is the descriptions and actions of the Vampires and Werewolves. Matsui doesn’t necessarily do anything new with these creatures, they still fit our generally stereotypical perception of what they are, but he always seems to take them to another level, adding another interesting layer that draws you in to the characters. Mangorian is just so charming as the vampire, it’s hard not to have some sense of empathy for him. I love how I’m made to feel these things, despite the horrors that have apparently happened.

We’ve seen Vampires and Werewolves coexisting in worlds and out to get one another in other works, but Matsui mashes genres and humour and current events all up into one chaotic ball that created an action-driven story that was quite intriguing, thoughtful and interesting. There was some violence, there were some odd situations, but it never seemed too much of a stretch and left me feeling very satisfied and entertained. And in what seems to be a typical pattern, the book ends with one final twist of events that sets the scene for more to follow and leaves you anxious to see where everyone will end up.
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october 1, 2017
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