ARC Book Review: Shrewed by Elizabeth Renzetti


ashley | A collection of essays about women, by a woman who lives in my city, so fresh off the press that it speaks to the current climate of women’s voices finally being heard… House of Anansi nailed it when they sent me an ARC of Shrewed, by Elizabeth Renzetti. I can’t give enough thanks for being able to read this.

I always feel a deep connection with writers who reminisce about their younger days, reflecting on the lessons they’ve learned now and the experiences they went through. I quite enjoyed how Renzetti approached this, as an ever growing work in progress as she grows as a person and continues to reflect on herself and her surroundings.

This book is a mixture of essays about today’s political and social climate, along with thoughts about and for her children and some pieces she wrote about other amazing women. There’s a mix of things, some of which I really connected with and enjoyed, others which were more interesting but not something that hit me deep. But all the essays were about women, geared toward women, and in that sense, it was really well done.

I wouldn’t say that anything said here is anything we haven’t necessarily heard before in these woke days, but they are the same important things we need to say over and over again and reading Renzetti’s words, someone who I feel a bit like I could see myself in, makes the words all that much louder and heard.

I really enjoyed this book and the messaging throughout it. Of course sometimes it made me sad, reliving some of the disappointments and trials over the last couple of years, but the fact that so many women are taking various platforms to make sure they are heard, and continuing to make sure they are heard, is what is providing hope and empowerment and the drive that we all need to keep fighting. Thank you Renzetti for keeping me in the fight.


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yesterday! march 6, 2018

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