Book Blitz: Pendle Fire by Paul Souther

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This is our stop during the book blitz for Pendle Fire by Paul Southern. This blitz was organized by Bloodhound Books and runs from April 1st to April 4th.

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ashley | A couple of years ago, author Paul Southern reached out to me with his book Daddy Dearest. I’m usually hesitant about thrillers I haven’t heard much about, but I was super impressed with the book and gave it 5/5 glasses of wine. Well, Southern is back with another thriller, Pendle Fire, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Blog Blitz for its release!

Pendle Fire had a much different vibe to it, it was far more a supernatural thriller than what I was expecting; the basis of the book resting on a folklore legend about a creature that plagues the small town of Pendle unless a sacrifice is made in it’s honour.

There was an eerie resemblance to the whole Slender Man story that rose up a few years ago and also resulted in some awful and tragic situations. The allusion to a supernatural-like being that was going to wreak havoc on a town isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it never fails to creep me out and Southern created a pretty creepy legend with his take on it.

But the story reaches much further than just the supernatural. It touches on racism, child grooming, abuse and riots. As he did with Daddy Dearest, Southern has created a disturbing atmosphere to house his hero’s journey, so it’s not to be taken too lightly.

That said, there was a lot happening at once and a lot to follow and to me, that path wasn’t always crystal clear. I found a few things got a little muddy along the way as we followed John Malkin into the depths of the mystery of the Hobbledy Man and the forces that came into play as a result of it. I was also hoping to dive a bit more into the folklore of the Hobbledy Man and the Pendle Witches, which I think really just brushed the surface and could have been taken a step deeper. But the story itself kept me on my toes throughout it and I couldn’t anticipate the direction it would end in.

I enjoy Southern’s books and the way he’s able to take some disturbing situations and bring them into the light without being overly grotesque about it. He handles these things with such class, while still creating a cutting story. It’s a great combination and I look forward to reading what he comes out with next.


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april 1, 2018

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