ARC Book Review: Find You In The Dark by Nathan Ripley


ashley | Find You In The Dark by Nathan Ripley sounded kinda twisted. A man who liked to dig up dead bodies for a living? You don’t come across that too often. I was intrigued with the premise and curious to see how this would twist and turn, as there’s no way this ends up good for everyone.

I thought the story here was super interesting. The idea of an everyday man trekking out in secret to dig up bodies, but not just any body, bodies of the missing victims of serial killers and reporting it anonymously to the police, that really grabbed me. I wanted to know why someone would be obsessed with this, whether it meant he had more of a fixation on the killings, or just liked the finding.

I was worried that jumping from this part to focusing on the police side of the same coin would get old for me, but I quite liked both sides of the story and thought they balanced each other well. The cop, Whittal, was super smart and I really liked her dynamic in the story, as well as the friction between her and Martin Reese, the aforementioned digger.

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t have many expectations for this book and thought it would just be a run of the mill thriller that I’d pin point half way through, but I was happily surprised with the way this book wove around expectations and carved its own path. I wasn’t entirely certain at any point in the book what the outcome was going to be and how Reese was going to handle the heat coming at home from all directions – the cops, the serial killer, is wife.

Ripley did a great job focusing on people’s obsessive fixations and how that blocks out ever other aspect of their world. I quite enjoyed this rapid read and am anxious to see what Ripley does next.


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april 2, 2018

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