ARC Book Review: The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie


ashley | Years ago, I read Spin by Catherine McKenzie. This was around the time I started exploring somewhat unlikeable and unreliable heroines, books with leads who are struggling with life and don’t have things all worked out for them. This was around the time I realized I could relate to books on a whole other level than just using them to escape. I have a fondness for McKenzie because of this, so I was excited to pick up The Good Liar to see what she’ll offer me with a few more books under her belt.

I wish I felt better about this book, but there were many parts that were predictable for me, things I saw coming as soon as it was revealed that there were secrets. This was a bit of a downfall for me, as the book set its foundation on these three seemingly different women and spent the majority of the time slowly dissecting how their lives inevitably cross due to a traumatic experience, but all the big details that were revealed during this unraveling were things I had pegged from the start. Reading through was like a big checklist, ticking off the situation I had already theorized, making the journey from start to finish feel less like a mystery unraveling and more like homework.

But I did enjoy the story. I enjoyed the characters and the writing. I liked that these three women were all dealing with this trauma, but also their own issues in their own lives that existed far before this all happened. It was very real and complex and difficult and I enjoy reading about these messy moments in their lives.

Even though I knew how it was going to end, I really liked how it all came together and how the events unfolded when it was finally time for everything to come to light. That somewhat redeemed the rest of the book for me and definitely increased my rating of it. That is how books like this are supposed to end, it was interesting and satisfying and some final twists that, though I had an inkling, were still a little shocking. I just wish I felt the same about the rest of it.


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april 3, 2018

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