Book Review: When We Were Birds by Maria Mutch


ashley | I was incredibly intrigued by the beautiful description and cover of When We Were Birds by Maria Mutch, but I’ve had a longstanding love-hate relationship with short stories, so I was really cautious when jumping into this. I haven’t read anything by Mutch before, but she’s been a praised author and reviews have thrown around words like “unique” and “strange”, which I gravitate towards, so I had high hopes that these short stories would woo me.

Turns out, I’m still just not cut out for short stories. As expected, not all these stories were a hit with me; some I felt like I had to drag myself through, while others I felt like I could really see myself in. I guess you could say that’s the beauty of a collection of short stories, but to me, I find it interrupts the flow of the book too much and I often lose my interest.

I enjoyed the bird imagery and there was a lot of wolf imagery, as well. The writing was beautiful and the stories themselves were quite absurd. Mutch certainly has a great imagination and I enjoyed discovering that, but for the most part, this just didn’t resonate with me.


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april 24, 2018

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