ARC Book Review: Still Water by Amy Stuart


ashley | I read Still Mine by Amy Stuart and while I enjoyed the book overall, I did have some issues that I was hoping Still Water would address and work through. Stuart surprised me with the ending of Still Mine, which doesn’t happen too often, but I can’t remember aching for the story to continue.

To say I had lukewarm feelings going into this second book about missing women and makeshift PI Clare was fair, but I was thrilled to find that I quite enjoyed this book, even more so than Still Mine. I always did like Clare as a character, though I was never fully sure if I could completely trust her. She seemed to have better footing this time around and having some familiarity with her as a character made her seem a lot stronger and more together. Parts of her past still caught up with her, but I thought she was a stronger lead in this story.

The overall concept of Still Water was very similar; someone is missing, Clare goes to a small town to investigate, immerses herself with the townsfolk and starts uncovering all their deep, dark secrets. I enjoyed this journey. All the secrets and attitudes and tensions within the family was the good kind of drama that I can’t get enough of. The characters were all so vibrant and different, but also had those really close familial bonds that made those difference seem like nothing. I really enjoyed the complexity of them all and how there were so many other secrets that didn’t really have much to do with the over all story, but build up the atmosphere and the other characters. And I really liked how Clare fit into it all, the strange friendships and alliances she formed.

As things started to come together at the end, I was still very much in the dark about what was happening and still very much intrigued by the story. It felt like there was a bit too much happening, but it also really worked well with the situation and I couldn’t wait to see what came out of it.

I think I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve enjoyed a second book more than the first, I’m really glad I picked this up and let Stuart drag me into the tangled web of this tiny town and missing persons case. I hope Clare continues her hand at solving these mysteries, I’m anxious to read more.


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may 8, 2018

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