Book Review: Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari


ashley | I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari, though the title was a bit odd and the description sounded a little twisted, I figured it would be a creepy, messed up read. And while the story was such at the core, it didn’t really reach much further than that.

The chapters were pretty short and things moved along quickly, but it didn’t take long for the format of it to grow a little stale. I’m all for getting into the head of a murdering psychopath, but reading chapter after chapter about the growth of the obsession with killing animals and how much it is enjoyed gets old quick. It’s disturbing and effective, but every other chapter of this was a bit overkill, if you’ll excuse the expression.

Similarly, the chapters that depicted Ari down in the well, those too were like running in place. A lot of questions, a lot of worry and anticipation that was supposed to build suspense and anxiety, but kind of fell short and did nothing to progress the plot and just made the short chapter drag. The only time anything seemed to happen was in the flashbacks Ari had about her life, where she thought back to her friends and who could have put her there. It progressed the plot, but only to the point of Ari being in the well, which brought us back full circle to the beginning.

Things did change about mid-way, my hopes got a little inflated, but then it was just the same dialogue and useless conversations in a different setting that again, didn’t really do anything or go anywhere or even say anything. And the characters themselves were kind of boring. I think there was meant to be some diversity to make them interesting, but they were all one dimensional with kind of cliched stereotypes and I really didn’t care about their fate.

The book did end on a stronger point, which I wasn’t expecting. There was a pretty big twist in the end and I did not see that coming, but honestly, I rack that up more to the randomness of it than a cleverly laid out scheme. I liked how it ended, but I felt that there needed to be more in the body of the story, aside from just the ramblings of the psychopath, that made this ending more believable. To me, it kind of felt a little out of left field, but not in a blow-my-mind kind of way.

Treggiari is a strong writer, I’ll give her that. While the book itself may not have kept my interest for the entirety, the writing wasn’t bad and I enjoyed different passages and the overall tone of it. I think if she had taken the story a bit deeper and developed the characters a bit more, it would have been a much richer and cutting read.

There was a lot of potential here and I feel like I know what Treggiari was trying to get at with the structure and story, but it ended up making me dizzy and I felt like I was running in circles – or in place – and that just made me skim-read to the end of the book and not give a damn about how it ended.


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june 5, 2018

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