ARC Book Review: Go Home, Afton by Brent Jones


ashley | When I was asked to read and review Go Home, Afton by Brent Jones, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a psychopathic librarian. If that wasn’t someone I wanted to read about, I don’t know who is. But I wasn’t prepared for this addicting little read and now that it’s done, I’m not sure what to do with myself.

Go Home Afton is a short novella that is part 1 of a 4 part series. That is to say, it flies by super quick and leaves you on a cliffhanger waiting for the next three parts. You’re immediately thrust into the action, there’s no wasted time on small, inconsequential details and the story unfolds so quickly you almost get whiplash when it ends without that full satisfaction and fulfillment.

However, Jones maximizes his short time with character development and I really grew to root for Afton. Sure, she has demons and dark urges that are leading her to commit the perfect murder, but her lingering morals and complicated relationships add an extra layer of interest to this story, making it more than just a killing spree. I also enjoyed the characters in Afton’s life. There’s a handful of different players, all who end up playing big roles because it’s such a quick moving book, but Jones balances all of this out nicely so it doesn’t seem convenient, it seems natural and enriching.

I also enjoyed what I guess you can call mental aspects of the book. Not just the insight into the mind of a woman who is having these psychotic urges, but the way a former trauma and these dark urges has manifested in her current life. This was a really interesting part of the book for me and though there wasn’t a ton of explanation surrounding this, I am really curious to see how it is going to continue through the rest of the story.

I have a love hate relationship with novellas. I do enjoy the rapid pace, but I hate having to wait for the next part of the story to come out. But Jones does this format really well and definitely keeps the intrigue strong. This story will stick with me for some time, hopefully until the next part is available, and I look forward to picking it up when it is.


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june 25, 2018

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