ARC Book Review: Last Seen Alive by Claire Douglas


ashley | The Sisters by Claire Douglas blew my mind and received a 5 star rating. I remember being very disturbed by the manipulative nature of the women in that novel, so when I saw that Douglas had written another book, Last Seen Alive, to say I had high hopes was an understatement. This must put a lot of pressure on authors, but with this book, Douglas proved that she can live up to that pressure.

To be honest, I felt a little unimpressed with the first half of the book. Weird things were happening and I was invested enough to want to know why and what secrets were being kept, but nothing really overly wowed me and I was kind of disappointed. Until I reached about half way through and the book reared way left and I finally got that blow-my-mind feeling. The last half of the book is a twisted, messed up situation and I loved it.

Douglas is a master of writing complicated, manipulative women. Women scorned and angry who end up doing unimaginable things to other women and themselves. I liked how easily likeable the characters were, so that by the time you figure out what is really going on, you’re already sucked in.

I really like how deep and dark Douglas takes her stories and how when it looks like there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel, she has one more surprise in store just to shatter everything. I’m always caught off guard and can never anticipate what is coming, which is exactly what I want from a book like this.


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july 13, 2018

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