Book Review: Any Man by Amber Tamblyn


ashley | I knew I was going to love Any Man by Amber Tamblyn before the book was even written. I’m assuming that timeline, but the minute I heard Tamblyn was writing a novel, I knew it would be brilliant. Because Tamblyn is brilliant. I love everything she writes, says, stands for, and I couldn’t wait to read this book.

I could tell immediately that my instincts were right. I could tell immediately that this wasn’t going to be like any book I had read before. And not just because Tamblyn shakes up the stereotypical gender roles in this analysis of rape culture, but also because her words read like poetry; she writes in metaphors about such dark and painful subject matter but it sounds like a song.

This is a very intense read. Tamblyn flutters across different writing styles to delve deep into the mind of the victims and oftentimes, the writing and the overall feel is very chaotic. But each victim has a loud voice and the focus is purely on their aftermath and trauma, as opposed to really putting any emphasis on the offender.

There are so many heavy messages woven throughout the story, all of which kind of speak for themselves when you read it, because Tamblyn is so brutal in her writing. The styles makes it seem like she’s trying to paint a cautious pictures, but then she throws everything up against the wall and leaves you staring slack-jawed at the remaining mess.

If nothing else, this is just an extremely important read in today’s climate for the spotlight it gives so many different topics, for the questions it blatantly asks, for the powerful emotive confessions and feelings that these male victims let come pouring out of them. There’s such vulnerability, it’s almost painful to read, but that’s why it’s so brilliant. This is how people should be feeling when reading about or discussing rape culture and I’m in such awe of Tamblyn for how elegantly and accurately she was able to put it all down so well in a somewhat short book.


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june 26, 2018

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