Book Review: Splinter in the Blood by Ashley Dyer


ashley | The ARC of ​​Splinter in​ the Blood by Ashley Dyer kind of slipped into the cracks of my to read pile, and now that I’ve read it, in kicking myself for waiting so long.

​This was a very strong and solid debut thriller with a lot of moving parts that was clearly very planned out and executed even better. The police and forensic work was well represented, the work of the killer was very unique and even held some historical influence, which I thought was really interesting to learn about and the characters were smart and driven.

The suspense is apparent right from the start and it continues through pretty much the entire book. I never felt like it was dragging or going in a weird direction, even when some of the investigations went in a weird directions. I also really enjoyed how there were different cops involved in different investigations and Ruth kind of weaved herself around all of them to put all the pieces together ahead of them.

Everyone in this book had secrets, everyone told lies, which is kind of the point of the book, and we don’t always get the answers we want in the end. In fact, I actually felt a little underwhelmed with the ending. The big reveal was unexpected (though I’m not just bragging when I say for a brief moment I called out the killer, but I quickly moved on from them), which always pleases me, but I’m not sure I fully appreciated or understood their motive and that felt like a bit of a loose end to me.

This looks to be the beginning of a series and I most certainly will read to see what comes next for Carver and Lake, as, like I said, there’s still a lot of secrets to be told and I want to know!


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june 12, 2018

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