ARC Book Review: An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris


ashley | I am mighty surprised to find myself having read another Charlaine Harris book. I’ve kind of grown out of my obsession with the vampire/werewolf/supernatural female driven YA books turned movie/tv show etc. I loved this when I first discovered it, it spoke to me, it made me feel like I was that ordinary outcast female who suddenly discovered she was something special. But like every over-saturated trend, I’m over it.

Enter An Easy Death. Another female driven seemingly somewhat supernatural story — but with a gunslinger! The wild west! This definitely sounded like a new and intriguing twist and I was hesitantly excited to give it a read, hoping to be indulged in a magically new world I haven’t seen before.

I liked Gunnie Lisbeth Rose a lot. She had a hard edge to her and a shoot first, ask questions later kind of attitude that never left her analyzing her actions. It was nice to see a ruthless woman standing her ground, acting as the muscle to two magicians unaware that what they are looking for was right in front of them.

I didn’t feel like the magician characters, Eli and Paulina, were all that developed, though. Other than what we were told about them, you don’t really see any growth or personality in them. Granted, they are secretive and keep to themselves, but so was Lisbeth and yet, we see a lot of character from her even outside of her point of view narration.

[Spoiler] And then we’re supposed to believe there’s some chemistry between Lisbeth and Eli, too. While there’s mention of this a bit in the beginning, that is the last thing I expected and they just didn’t fit right together in my mind. And of course, as soon as this connection is made, the rest of the book is full of sex scenes and longing glances and butterflies, which honestly, just felt like filler in my opinion. It seemed random, like I said, and it wasn’t very well grown, so it just felt like it was thrown on top of shameless gratification, which I’m tired of. [end spoiler]

I quite liked the story and how it all came together, though. At times it felt a little repetitive… the three embark down a road and are attacked by bandits… the three enter a small town and are attacked by someone following them…. the three… you get the point. But in fairness, that is the reality of the time and ultimately what Gunnie Rose’s job is – protect the magicians on the road as they travel. It played out kind of like a western movie, where everything goes up in gun-smoke at one point or another and I like that feel and thought it was done quite successfully.

I’m sure this is meant to be a series, but I don’t think I quite have an interesting in reading more. Though I did enjoy the story and Gunnie Rose; it was a fun little wild west story with a mix of magic and not a vampire or werewolf in sight.


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october 1, 2018

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