Book Review: Open Your Eyes by Paula Daly


ashley | I felt a sense of comfort picking up a Paula Daly book. I’ve only read Keep Your Friends Close, but it was such a thrilling read that I knew picking up Open Your Eyes was going to be a sure thing; I didn’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy.

How many of us book obsessed people haven’t also dreamed of writing the next great American novel? The start of this book hit pretty close to home for me; the lead character Jane discussing her writing woes, not to mention Jane was a typical redhead, like me. I always enjoy seeing ‘myself’ in books, it makes for a much more intimate read.

The story itself didn’t seem all that surprising; man gets attacked, ends up in coma and then wife uncovers a lot of deep, dark secrets. Seems pretty simple. But Daly executes this story quite well and the more it built, the less certain I was that I knew where things were heading.

I was very enthralled in the mystery and while I figured that things weren’t going to be as they seemed, I was flipping pages quickly to uncover what the next secret around the corner was going to be. Some things I saw coming, but most of it I didn’t, which is really all I ask for in a book like this.

I really liked how this was a thriller of a book about writing books, at its essence, with a few tongue in cheek comments about the writing industry in general. I enjoyed these little pieces and how they all came together to bring me to where the book concluded. It was a clever approach that put a bit of a different spin on the “domestic noir” novel that has become so popular lately, the genre that I’m such a sucker for.


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july 26, 2018

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