Audiobook Review: #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso


ashley | I’ve been meaning to read #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso for a while now, it sounded exactly like the kind of girl power book I’m into, but I got caught up in the Girlboss show on Netflix, which in my opinion didn’t do it any favours, and I’ve been putting this off for a while.

Turns out the show didn’t seem all that off and the tone of the book was very much the same entitled tone that the show put out, which turned me off. This book started as one giant brag and Amoruso isn’t exactly the type of person I usually root for. But she knows that and she doesn’t give an f, and that’s a huge reason why she’s standing where she is, in an executive board room running a multi-million dollar company, and I’m here writing a poor man’s review.

In all fairness, Amoruso has every right to brag. She came from nothing, with no help, did everything herself through trial and error, lots and lots of error, and now she’s sitting pretty at the top. I guess that’s something to brag about.

That said, I did find the book somewhat inspiring as a whole and that harsh tone kind of softened the more I read through. The book ended up being a mix of Amoruso’s career highlights, with a few tips and guidance sprinkled through out. I enjoyed that there were Girlboss Profiles of other girlbosses not necessarily affiliated with Nasty Gal and all these women came from different backgrounds and starting places.

I’m glad I finally read this. Amoruso really is a bad ass bitch and she genuinely lives up to everything she says in this book. It’s refreshing to read a rags to riches story of a self made woman who seems so relateable and could be any one of us.


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may 6, 2014