Book Review: Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent


ashley | Sometimes a cover really speaks to me and that is definitely what drew me to wish for Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent, a wish that was thankfully granted by Simon and Schuster Canada.

I enjoyed how this started, the story hooked you almost immediately by dangling some information in front of you like a prize and giving you that feeling of needing to know what happened. But there was something about the writing and the dialogue that threw me off. The conversations seemed really rigid and it seemed like it was over written, not how people would generally talk, especially in times of distress, and I had a hard time moving past that.

But the story itself was interesting and somewhat unique. It really took a direction I wasn’t at all expecting; instead of focusing too much on a missing girl or the events that led up to it, it focused more on the aftermath of the family of the girl and the family of the culprit. I liked this angle a lot, it was a bit different and tried to show more emotion and was actually very humanizing.

Being so character driven though is very dependent on the characters. Lydia was not a likeable character. She wasn’t supposed to be; she was the driving force behind the entire mess of this story, but she wasn’t even likeably unlikeable like is trendy these days in female characters. I just couldn’t stand her, and it was her dialogue I had a lot of my annoyances with. She was a complex and dark character, which I’m usually drawn to, but there was absolutely nothing intriguing or redeemable in her, she was just straight up a terrible and selfish person willing to do some terrible things to get her way.

That said, this horrible character did grow on me, not to a point of interest, but more of fascination and once I caught on to what kind of creature she was, I was fascinated with discovering what she would do next. That’s what drove me to keep reading; Lydia did some incredibly horrific things and just when you thought she couldn’t go any further, she jumps right over that line.

Laurence, Helen and Karen, the unfortunate bystanders in all of this mess, were a bit easier to handle and cheer for, but I didn’t ever fully warm up to them. Something about the way the characters were written really didn’t connect well with me.

Ultimately, I generally liked the story, but I didn’t really care much for the characters or their written dialogue and reactions. I was intrigued enough to keep reading just to see how far Lydia would take things, and that did pay off in the end, making this a satisfying read.


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november 27, 2018

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