ARC Book Review: Slayer by Kiersten White


ashley | In time when TV seems to be nothing but reboots and original book ideas seem hard to come by, I stumbled across an ARC for Slayer by Kiersten White. I’ve had good luck with some re-imaging novels and I’m not opposed to reading about favourite characters or stories in a different way, but I always approach it hesitantly, especially something that associates itself with the nearly perfect Buffy franchise and, presumably, involves vampires, a trend that I am very over.

The overall tone of this seemed a bit younger than I had hoped, though it makes sense as the characters are mid-teens. Keeping that in mind, after getting over the initial hump at the beginning, I quite enjoyed where this story took us. I liked seeing slayer and watcher come together. I liked that the focus wasn’t purely on vampires, but demons in general and we met some interesting ones. The chemistry between the characters was strong and not a single character seemed out of place or like they were unnecessary.

Overall I liked Nina, but she was built as one of those girls who has no self confidence or awareness, who goes on and on and on about how weak and unloved and forgotten about she is, when you know clearly the book is going to lead her in a direction to find her true potential that was there all along. I just find that in these scenarios, the woe-is-me situation gets to be a bit much. WE GET IT. No one is going to be shocked when you discover that you actually are meant to be more, you’re fooling no one. There’s a very gentle way to handle this without over doing it and I felt like this was overdone and grew quite sick of Nina whining.

There was a sub-story underneath the main story here, about a hunter watching Nina and her sister Artemis. We get a taste of it at the beginning, and a few times throughout. It added to the prophecy of the girls, but I found this part out of place and distracting. In that sense, I didn’t really like the note the book ended on. It was a surprising twist, but honestly I had forgotten about this tangent and it doesn’t quite interest me.

That said, I enjoyed the book overall. I say this as a fan that hasn’t read all the additional comics or followed much of her story post tv-show. I appreciated the current climate of slayers as the driving point of the story, I liked how the Buffy lore was interwoven into this, but this was very much a story on its own, outside of Buffy. The further I read, the more into the action and slayer-ness I became and I ended up really quite liking the book. I’d definitely read more of this world and this slayer.


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