ARC Book Review: Watching You by Lisa Jewell


ashley | No surprise that Lisa Jewel has written a new book and no surprise that I rushed to pick up Watching You. When you pump out a book as often as it seems Jewel does, I suppose not all of them can knock you off your feet. This book wasn’t bad, but it didn’t grip me like I Found You, Girls in the Garden, Then She Was Gone, or my favourite, The House We Grew Up In.

I couldn’t really find a character I related to, which never starts me off on the right foot. Joey seeeds too naive and lost and puppy dog in love with her older and distinguished neighbour, despite being a newlywed, and while I’m all for understanding a fantasy and an escape, the way she obsessed about him without even really knowing him turned me off.

The peeping Tom son of the neighbour, the guy who seems to be constantly watching everyone, was also off putting, though I don’t suppose we are supposed to warm to him always spying on the women in the neighbourhood. But as he was a pivotal point of view in the story, I had a hard time embracing his character.

I also had a hard time getting into it. The first part of the book spent a lot of time with Joey lusting after the neighbour and not a lot really happening other than this instant tension and attraction growing between them. They both found each other intriguing but honestly, neither of them seemed interesting at all and I couldn’t believe that they’d be so fascinated with the other.

Finally, into the last half of the book, things started to pick up. The pieces started to come together and though they weren’t that hard to match up and I had no problem telling where things were going before they book got there, the payoff was worth it and I actually enjoyed the ending. It redeemed a lot of the drag I felt getting there, but sadly it wasn’t enough for me to feel much about the book as a whole.


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december 26, 2018

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