ARC Book Review: The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene


ashley | The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene promised to be a thrilling read full of twists and lies and it certainly delivered. The story was interesting and the characters were intriguing and there seemed to be another twist around every corner.

The pacing of this was pretty quick. The chapters were long and it jumped back and forth between Susanna and Max and their perspectives, but the story itself moved along nicely and there was enough of an interest and enough twists to keep the reader guessing and interested in continuing. Like most thrillers, I had my suspicions about what the outcome would be, and I’m happy to say I was definitely moving in the wrong direction.

Susanna and Max were certainly more than they seemed. They seemed to live the perfect successful artist’s life, but you quickly learn that they have much they’re keeping close to their chests. Susanna struggled with mental illness and anxiety, while Max was harboring dark secrets and desires. But even further than that, reading between the explanations that the book already gave us, these were two deeply complex and troubled characters. From their sly charisma, the look in their eyes and their creative sex life, there’s clearly a different depth to their existence, secrets that seem to be lingering just a little too far out of reach and things about their nature that you just can’t quite figure out. They both seemed like they could be up to no good and I had a hard time trying to figure out who was going to fall off the deep end first.

I enjoyed this read, though after the climax, there was still part of the story and I felt that was a little dragging for a while, until the actual ending. I liked that it kept you guessing and while the story itself may not have been too elaborate, you don’t need a complicated story to create complicated characters that are interesting enough to drive it. I was pleasantly impressed with the way this unraveled.


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january 15, 2019

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