Audiobook Review: This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps


ashley | When I heard that Busy Philipps was writing a book, I knew I had to get my hands on an audiobook copy of This Will Only Hurt A Little. To me, there would be nothing better than listening to Busy’s super bubbly, somewhat valley girl twang telling me her stories in her own words and her own voice. I haven’t even looked at a text copy of the book, but I can’t imagine reading the words if they are similar to what was spoken in my audio copy. It was written like a conversation, written with slang and repetition and emphasis that just wouldn’t come off the same in a written copy. I honestly think this made a huge difference in my enjoyment of this and totally recommend everyone else experience it in the same way.

As a fan of the actress since her early years, I really appreciated the behind the scene look at her time on Freaks and Geeks, and more specifically Dawson’s Creek. These shows defined my angsty teenage years and I enjoyed reliving them from a different perspective. These passages were certainly a bit gossipy, sharing secrets from behind closed doors about the interactions between actors and requests from directors and networks, but I ate it up. For some reason I didn’t exactly expect this going into it (not sure why?), but I loved that this is where part of it took me.

I also enjoyed the rollercoaster exploration of Busy’s career and relationships. She has had her hand in so many projects I didn’t know about and was involved with a lot of people I would never have expected. And the way she enjoys the rollercoaster ride with you, emoting through tears and anger and frustration as she reads these stories, made it feel like you were really sharing a story over a glass of wine, as opposed to listening to an audiobook on a morning commute.

That said, I don’t think this book gives the reader – or listener – much more than what you are already getting from her Instagram stories, her social media sites and now her talk show, Busy Tonight. I mean, Busy prides herself in being transparent and real on those platforms, she is already talking about her family life and her past and her ups and downs with her career. Anything in this book has probably already been touched upon in some way on some platform. In that sense, it’s not really giving you a deeper look into the life of Busy Philipps, it’s more like, a catch-up dinner with a friend, but when you’re already wearing your life on your sleeve, how much further can you really dig?


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october 23, 2018