citygirlscapes  | city adventures & guilty pleasures

it all started with a movie. two girls, merely acquaintances, both on the same baseball team and both with a dire interest in seeing hairspray, joined forces to take on the city and john travolta in drag. these are their city adventures. these are their guilty pleasures. these are their reviews.

disclaimer: despite the name, we feel absolutely no guilt about our guilty pleasures

book reviews: every tuesday & thursday. sadly, we’ve had to cut down to one review a week, every wednesday.

ashley | you can take the girl out of the country, but  you can’t take the country out of the girl
co-creator | lead reviewer | webmaster


ashley was born and raised in a small town east of toronto, a town best known for high teen pregnancy rates and the unlikelihood of escaping. but escape she did, to the big city, where she works in broadcast communications and lives in east york (not scarborough).

likes: rock music, indie flicks, wine, concerts, yoga, shaggy hair, star wars, piercings, morning runs, kurt cobain, sci-fi, books, redhead pride

dislikes: crowds, mondays, reality television, movie adaptations that stray from the book

veronica | city girl with a country soul
co-creator | reviewer | on hiatus


veronica was raised right here in the city after fleeing her home country of vietnam at the tender age of 18 months. moving from borough to borough, her family finally settled on downsview. veronica currently works in broadcasting, but spends most of her day watching movies or TV (hey, it’s her JOB afterall). She also enjoys cooking and baking, and is a bit of a foodie. this works well since she has a discerning palate (take that, Ramsay).

likes: movies, musicals (both on stage and off), shoes, food, wine, sushi, books, the nerd store on Wednesdays, all things zombies, music, boys

dislikes: work, general unwashed public, people who stop mid-stride on a busy pedestrian way, bad grammar, jack fruit, early mornings


if you have a city adventure you’d like us to go on or book you’d like us to write about, send us an email at citygirlscapes@gmail.com.