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City Adventure: the Veronica Mars movie

Today is the day that Ashley has been waiting years for. An obsessive fan of Veronica Mars, she was heartbroken when the three-season series was cruelly cancelled back in 2007. But what dies… Continue reading

Food Review: The Lakeview Restaurant

veronica | The Lakeview Restaurant is one of those unassuming diners that is often overlooked as a dining option outside of after bar hours. Sure, it’s old school charms are kitschy, but when you’re looking… Continue reading

Food Review: The Burger’s Priest

We’ve been meaning to try The Burger’s Priest forever and finally, Veronica dragged a friend with her to indulge in beefy goodness with cheese! She ordered the Vatican City, a double cheeseburger squeezed between two grilled… Continue reading

Food Review: Parts & Labour

The first time we went to Parts & Labour, we mistakenly ended up at the Parts & Labour Burger shop just after it first opened and were shoved out of the way by… Continue reading

Food Review: Sushi Place

veronica | Since having a baby, I haven’t been out much and trying new places to eat is few and far between. But every once in a while, a new flyer pops into the mail… Continue reading

City Adventure: Hot Chocolicious

This winter has been cruel, throwing at us a coldness we haven’t felt in years. It’s been hard, but imagine how much harder things are for hungry families and the homeless. Food Banks… Continue reading

Food Review: Mill St. Brew Pub

Looking for a low key post-work Friday night dinner, we decided to check out the Mill St. Brew Pub in the beautiful Distillery District, which always sets the night off on the right… Continue reading

Food Review: BIVY

We’re usually a little cautious about checking out boutique restaurants in the west end for fear of stepping into hipster territory. While Ashley does love the hipster vibe, sometimes the attitude isn’t what… Continue reading

City Adventure: Steam Whistle’s Winter Farmers’ Market

Why are farmers’ markets mostly associated with summer? There’s still plenty of delicious goods available through the winter months and Steam Whistle is helping to break that stigma by holding their first ever… Continue reading