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Food Review: Kaiju

veronica | Remember in grade school you were taught to never judge a book by its cover? They meant Kaiju. This hidden gem is the best of both worlds. Fast food served with love.… Continue reading

Food Review: Holy Chuck

veronica | In case you haven’t noticed, I love burgers. Actually, I have an unhealthy obsession with burgers. My weakness is grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. If a place makes this, you bet your… Continue reading

Food Review: Wahlburgers

It’s been a while since we’ve done a food review, but now that Veronica is finished her mat-leave, we’re able to take in some new eats again. So look forward to Veronica’s food… Continue reading

Food Review: The Combine Eatery

ashley | I was super excited to finally be able to try the Combine Eatery on the Danforth a couple of weeks ago. The first time we tried to go there, it was… Continue reading

Food Review: Cibo Wine Bar

ashley | Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  I’ve been milking the last few days of my 20s by having plenty of dinners with friends, Veronica threw me a lovely little party Saturday night… Continue reading

Food Review: Eat to the Beat

Last night we were able to attend one of our favourite events in this city: the 19th annual Eat to the Beat fundraiser at Roy Thomson Hall. Not only did we get to… Continue reading

City Adventure: Eat to the Beat

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every year, we take part in Eat to the Beat, a great food event at Roy Thomson Hall in support of Willow Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support, a not-for-profit… Continue reading

Food Review: El Mejor Tex Mex Restaurant

ashley | Yes, I know, at this rate, we’re going to have to change the name of this blog to Books and Burritos, since it seems like all of our food posts lately… Continue reading

Food Review: The Burrito House Mexican Grill

ashley |  I love Mexican food. I could probably eat nachos for every single meal and never tire of them. And recently, I’ve developed a bit of a burrito addiction. Yet for some… Continue reading