Book Review: Speaking From Among the Bones

I’ll be honest and say right now that this is my first Flavia de Luce novel and I am hooked! Alan Bradley has created a most interesting world full of colourful and intriguing… Continue reading

They’re Men, Men in Tights: Robin Hood Review

Hart House kicked off the New Year with Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical Comedy last week and by golly, it just might be one of their best productions to date.A merry take on… Continue reading

There’s No Place Like OZ

It wasn’t until we walked into the Ed Mirvish Theatre last night and up along the Yellow Brick Road did the excitement for what I was about to witness hit me. I was… Continue reading

Cougar Town Returns Tonight!

Hey guys, this is just a friendly reminder that Cougar Town returns tonight! We’ve already written about all the reasons you should watch it, so if you haven’t already taken our valuable advice,… Continue reading

Book Review: The Demonologist

I received The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper in advance for a first read from Good Reads and Simon & Schuster Canada and devoured it in two days. The easy read may have been… Continue reading

Book Review: 33 Minutes

As much as I enjoy receiving and reading Advance Reader copies, this just wasn’t for me. But it is something I’d give to my younger self. 33 Minutes….is a story about two ex-best… Continue reading

Django Unchained – A sorta review

I am in no way a fan or an expert on Tarantino films. I tolerated Kill Bill, I’ll idly watch Pulp Fiction when it’s on cable (my copy is still shrink wrapped and… Continue reading

We Heard the People Sing – A Les Misérables Review

Timing is everything, or so we learned this week when Veronica happened to be on her way to the bathroom just in time to notice the glowing florescent office lights shining down on… Continue reading

Book Review: Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman

I won Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman on Goodreads as a first reads book curtesy of Simon and Schuster Canada. I read Wildflower Hill and knew what I was getting into when I… Continue reading