Book Review: Family Pictures

Veronica won the ARC for Family Pictures by Jane Green on Goodreads as part of the first-reads program.  This is my first Jane Green novel and I am delighted to have been lucky… Continue reading

Hart House Gets Bent

Over the years, we’ve made it a long running tradition to hit every seasonal production at Hart House Theatre. We’ve had a pretty good run, which is why even though Veronica has taken… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye, for now.

Since starting this blog a few years ago, neither of us has ventured this far from home for this long a period. Veronica is about to embark on a trip back to Vietnam… Continue reading

Canada Rocks!

While we’re still a month away from Canadian Music Week, this week has still been a great week for Canadian music with back to back shows at the Rivoli by some very talented… Continue reading

Safe Haven – A Movie Review

Last night these CityGirls and their gaggle of girl friends had the opportunity to see a prescreen of Safe Haven before masses of girls drag their unfortunate boyfriends out to see it. Believe… Continue reading

Beautiful Creatures, more like Beautiful Disaster

As avid readers, if a movie is based off of a book, chances are we’ve already read it and know the story. The rule of thumb with these cases is that the book… Continue reading

Real to Reel: Sound City

Dave Grohl has got to be the coolest dude in Rock n Roll. Not only is he a wicked good musician, but he’s been around forever and has been a part of some… Continue reading

Book Review: The Lion Seeker

The Lion Seeker is a coming of age novel set South Africa during the political unrest leading up to, during and after Hitler’s rise to power. Unbelievably, this is the debut novel for… Continue reading

Book Review: The Almond Tree

I was sent a copy of The Almond Tree through Good Reads and I’m ashamed to admit that I kept putting off reading it. It seemed like a book with plenty of heavy… Continue reading