Book Review: Last Class

“What do a gay teenager whose first name is Last, a future sorority queen who calls her horse Pierce Chad Stonington III, a virgin-until-marriage pledge group, a pirate radio station, a wacko fundamentalist… Continue reading

Canadian Music Week Rundown: Day 4

As is often the case during music festivals, there are so many bands to see and  schedules often end up conflicting and hard choices about what show to go to have to start… Continue reading

Canadian Music Week Rundown: Day 3

It’s Friday. The week is nearly done, but Canadian Music Week is far from finished.CMF Showcase presented by Big Sound @ Lee’s PalaceUnlike the Horseshoe on Tuesday night, arriving at Lee’s for 10pm… Continue reading

Canadian Music Week Rundown: Day 2

For Ashley, 2013 is the year of rock. She’s already been to a number of local shows, but this week, Toronto is built on rock and roll as Canadian Music Week takes over… Continue reading

We Wanna Rock!

The unfortunate thing about seeing the same play multiple times by multiple casts is that you know what to expect and more often than not, there are some pretty big shoes to fill.… Continue reading

Winter Is Coming

Winter may be on its way out, but with the growing anticipation over the return of Game of Thrones on HBO at the end of the month, Game of Thrones: The Exhibition has… Continue reading

Vietnam – It’ll Always be Home

With two of my three weeks done and gone, I figured it was time to talk about my country a bit. This is my third time coming back and each time, I’m impressed… Continue reading

Book Review: Family Pictures

Veronica won the ARC for Family Pictures by Jane Green on Goodreads as part of the first-reads program.  This is my first Jane Green novel and I am delighted to have been lucky… Continue reading

Hart House Gets Bent

Over the years, we’ve made it a long running tradition to hit every seasonal production at Hart House Theatre. We’ve had a pretty good run, which is why even though Veronica has taken… Continue reading