Game of Thrones Season 2!

That time is almost upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! We can honestly say that we anxiously waited and watched each and every episode of Season 1. Being the giant nerd… Continue reading

Let Your Freak Flag Fly! – Shrek: the Musical Review

Sometimes, what every hard working, mortgage paying, responsible adult needs is an opportunity to kick back and be a kid for a night. When our opportunity presented itself in the form of Dancap’s… Continue reading

Fish Stew

First off, we must apologize for our absence and lack of posts lately. We’ve been busy with work and have otherwise been unable to dedicate as much time to this endeavor as we… Continue reading

Goon – A Review

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that Veronica is very passionate about hockey and you shouldn’t be surprised that she went to see Goon this past weekend. Goon was… Continue reading

Potted Potter – A Review

Last night we had the best time at Mirvish’s Potted Potter. This hilarious romp through all 7 Potter books by comedians Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner had us laughing from beginning to end.… Continue reading

TV to Obsess Over – Cougar Town Returns!

If you’ve been following us through the years, it’s pretty evident that we have strong opinions on pop culture and we aren’t afraid to share them. To this point, we’ve ripped in to… Continue reading

In the Heights Doesn’t Quite Soar, but it’s Almost There

It continues to pay to be under 30. At the beginning of the month, Dancap’s 30Cap Community sent us discount tickets to the Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights at the Toronto Centre… Continue reading

Of all the Safe Houses in all the world – Safe House Review

When Veronica came upon a screener pass for Safe House, she knew we had to go. After all, Ryan Reynolds is hot and he was surely going to take off his shirt at… Continue reading

Don’t go chasing after shadows – The Woman in Black Review

When I first saw the trailer for The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliff, I knew I somehow had to go see it. The trailer was sufficiently creepy and left me wondering what… Continue reading