The Black Keys @ the Molson Canadian Amphitheater – July 07, 2011

While Veronica’s passion is cooking, Ashley’s passion, without a doubt, is music. If you were to tally up all the money she spends on concert tickets alone, well, she could very possibly be… Continue reading

Celebs Abound

Today was just another Comic run Wednesday for Veronica and company at One Million Comix when lo and behold, in walks Golden Globe Award nominee Adam Beach (Flags of our Fathers, L &… Continue reading

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon – A Review

You know its Summer when all the major studios bring out their big blockbuster hits to the big screen for the nerdy at heart. This past long weekend, Veronica went to see Transformers… Continue reading

Death Lies Upon Us – A Pirates Review

The fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been in theatres for about six weeks now, making this review a little redundant. But considering the redundancy of the film itself,… Continue reading

No evil shall escape my sight – Green Lantern: A Movie Review

The last time Ashley and Veronica went to see a nerd flick with the nerd boys, they left it up to them to figure out the screen time and ended up having to… Continue reading

X-Men: First Class – A Movie Review

Being the giant nerd that she is, Veronica could not pass up the chance to see X-Men: First Class on the big screen. The only sad part was Ashley was not available to… Continue reading

I want balls in my face! Bridesmaids: A movie review

With only a few days left before Ashley takes off on her European adventure, we decided to take in one last girly flick at Varsity VIP theatres last night. One of our favorite… Continue reading

We drank, we fought, we made our ancestors proud! – A THOR Review

Without a doubt, this is going to be a Super Summer. The endless list of Blockbuster Comic Book flicks set to release over the next few months is more than enough to get… Continue reading

Bacon and Sundried Tomato Pasta with Spinach

I confess that my weakness is and always will be pasta; any size, shape or colour. My love affair with the mighty noodle started in childhood when my mom would always put an… Continue reading