Candy, Chicks and Rock ‘n’ Roll – A Hop Review

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley saw a charming little trailer for a new movie starring James Marsden, Kayley Kuoco and a bunch of animated chicks and bunnies. With feigned excitement, she immediately… Continue reading

Fugitive, Celebrity, Slacker, Joker, Alien – Paul: A Review

After a three month lull with nothing but painfully uninteresting looking movies, things seem to be picking up again and our love of cinema is being revived. Just in time, too, as Veronica… Continue reading

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Another CityGirls First!

You know you’ve made it when you start rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Spotted: the wonderful WOODY HARRELSON (Zombieland, Defendor), nonchalantly slipping off his shoes as the lights dimmed at the… Continue reading

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist, It’s True – Yellow Face: A Review

Last night at U of T’s Hart House Theatre, we had the wonderful opportunity to see their final production in the 2010-2011 season, Yellow Face, making this the first time we’ve seen all… Continue reading

The Secret Garden – A Review

We’ve been fortunate enough to see most shows that Toronto has to offer, so when we were given the opportunity to see The Secret Garden at The Royal Alexandra Theatre, we jumped right… Continue reading

CanCanCan You Feel the Love?

For those of you clinging strongly to your last few years before the big 3-0, the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts’ Under-30 Rush Club offers last minute discount tickets to shows and… Continue reading

Salon Escape’s Smooth Solutions to Wayward Hair

With the unfortunate departure of our favourite hair stylist at House of Mann in Brampton, we have been on a desperate hunt for the past six months for a new set of sheers… Continue reading

Barn Board

I assure you, this sweet treat is tastier than the name suggests. And the best part is, it’s simple, easy and you probably already have all the ingredients on hand. Trust me when… Continue reading

The Mechanic: A movie review

Every now and then Veronica scores a movie pass to a yet to be released flick. How excited was she to not only get one, but one starring the handsome Jason Statham? While… Continue reading