What Doesn’t Kill You… Is Going To Marry Your Brother – You Again Movie Review

Oh, high school. (We hope you can hear the heavy, condescending sigh that was spoken with.) It’s probably safe to say that pretty much everyone has at least one skeleton from somewhere among… Continue reading

What to do about the Town – Sept 24 to 26

One of the many benefits of living in a megalopolis is the vast variety of events that occur in and around us every day. With the Autumnal Equinox upon us, finding outdoorsy things… Continue reading

FALL TV PREVIEW — Part 2: Veronica’s Picks

Continued from our last post, here are Veronica’s highly recommended Fall TV Shows. VERONICA’S PICKS NEW SHOWS Hawaii Five-0(Premieres Monday, September 20th @10pm on CBS/Global)Hawaii Five-0 is a refreshed remake of the classic… Continue reading

FALL TV PREVIEW — Part 1: Ashley’s Picks

Not that either of us need more motivation to hermit ourselves in the comfort of our own home, but it’s September – the beginning of a beautiful new Fall TV season, the perfect… Continue reading

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent – Richard III @ Hart House Theatre Review

Although the city is buzzing with Hollywood’s hottest celebs for the Toronto International Film Festival, remember that Toronto has a number of its own stars who have been working hard on local projects… Continue reading

Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid – Casablanca Movie Review

Casablanca. There’s so much to say and yet it will never be enough. Never did we think we’d have the opportunity to see such an iconic film on the big screen. But last… Continue reading

Girls Night Out – Sushi & Nerd Store

Every so often, we deem it necessary to meet for dinner and regroup. That being, have a few drinks, let off some steam and just enjoy each others company for a night. This… Continue reading

Team Opera Semi-Final Rundown

Last night was our softball league’s semi-final game. It was do or die. Unfortunately, we didn’t do. It makes such a huge difference in our game when we’re missing the key players we… Continue reading

Team Opera Semi-Final, Take Two

This Wednesday is our second chance to take the diamond and battle it out for a place in the championship game and the chance to once again win the coveted Toronto Arts League… Continue reading