Public Service Announcement:

We are writing here this morning to express our dire disappointment with Sushi Island. Last night, a Tuesday night, for no reason in particular, we went on our monthly sushi date to catch… Continue reading

What To Do About The Town – Nov 12-14

We don’t like it anymore than you do, but the holidays are quickly approaching and that means everywhere you look there is one winter festival or another. Make the most of your November… Continue reading

Hockey, Hockey, the greatest game in the land! – Score! A Hockey Musical Review

While we missed seeing this very Canadian film when it opened TIFF this year, last night we had the pleasure witnessing the magic that is Score! A Hockey Musical at the Scotiabank theatre.… Continue reading

What to do about the Town November 5th to 7th

Wasn’t it just Summer? How did we land here, in November already? Believe it or not the first weekend of November is upon us and there are many indoor and outdoor activities to… Continue reading

Ashley’s Birthday Celebrations – Hitting Up Toronto’s Hot Spots

We’ll admit it, we aren’t the type of girls who need a reason to crack open a bottle of wine or an excuse to celebrate, so for all intents and purposes, this past… Continue reading

What to do About the Town Oct 29th – 31st

Halloween weekend is here and with Winter quickly approaching, we found events that will appeal to all. Don’t forget to pick up treats for the little ones that will surely be knocking on… Continue reading

How to Travel with Others and Keep Your Sanity

As you’ve probably noticed, our blog took a longer than usual hiatus while I, Veronica, was on holidays in sunny California. I wanted to thank Ashley for keeping up with it despite my… Continue reading

What To Do About The Town – October 22-24, 2010

Now that Veronica is back from sunny California, our regularly scheduled socializing will pick back up and we will be able to make more frequent posts again. In the mean time, here are… Continue reading

Make Room for the Divas – Priscilla Queen of the Desert @ Princess of Wales Theatre

While Veronica is off gallivanting around California, she left behind her ticket to the opening of Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Princess of Wales Theatre last night. Though we have limited… Continue reading