review policy & disclosures

Review Request Hiatus – October, 2017:
Please note, we are not accepting independent review requests from authors at this time. We have a giant to-read pile to work through and need some time to catch up. Sorry for the inconvenience, please check back to see when the hiatus is lifted.

CityGirlScapes actively accepts print and digital copies of ARCs, galleys, and completed books for review, under the following guidelines: 

  • We will only accept offers for books that we find interesting. We will read pretty much any genre, but straight up: we are not interested in erotica.
  • We will accept offers from independently published authors if the book is of interest to us and meets the other guidelines.
  • We prefer epub or mobi digital files, but can accept pdfs if necessary.
  • All reviews will be posted blog and cross posted to goodreads and amazon. We post new reviews every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • While we always try to see the good in a book, we cannot promise a positive review if we do not like the book.
  • We will accept an offer if our to-be-read piles are not already tipping over

In addition to review requests, we choose most of our books from the library or purchase them ourselves. If the review has been requested from an author, publicist or agent etc, it will be stated on the post.

All our reviews are our personal opinions.  We do not receive any compensation for our posts outside of being provided with a copy of the book to review.

Review Ratings

We rate on a scale of 1 – 5 glasses of wine.
1 glass – did not enjoy
2 glasses – potential, but not quite there yet
3 glasses – we definitely enjoyed reading it, but didn’t totally wow us
4 glasses – pretty close to perfection, but with a few things that rubbed us the wrong way
5 glasses – blew us away

Guest Posts

Every now and then, we’re lucky enough to have a guest post from an author. These guest posters do not receive material or monetary compensation, and as such retain all rights and liability attached to their posts. We do not alter or reproduce guest post material without permission.

Commenting Policies

We appreciate and read every comment we receive. We do moderate comments to prevent either spam or trolling, in which case the comment will be deleted, but we will approve all comments, even if they are of a differing opinion or contain criticism of a review etc.