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Book Review: The Lie by C.L. Taylor

ashley | I’m a sucker for books like The Lie by C.L. Taylor. I love a good suspense thriller full of secrets and, well, lies, and this didn’t disappoint. I was tearing through… Continue reading

Book Review: The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

ashley | I jumped into The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon quite quickly after Penguin Random House Canada invited me to partake in their Book Club Discussion on GoodReads. I missed out on… Continue reading

Book Review: The Sisters

ashley | I’ve been eyeing The Sisters by Claire Douglas in my to read pile for some time and I kept getting pulled away from it. Finally, I put my foot down and… Continue reading

Book Review: In A Dark, Dark Wood

ashley | Finally! I’ve wanted to read In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware ever since I saw the book cover on someone else’s blog ages ago (this book cover, not the… Continue reading

Book Review: The Lake House

ashley | Kate Morton is the kind of author that I can never get enough of. She can’t possibly write fast enough for me; I’m always waiting on a new book. So I… Continue reading

Book Review: The Lost Girl

ashley | I grew up reading R.L. Stines’s Fear Street books, and I tell you, they invoked a ton of fear in my teenage self. So stumbling on the ARC of a new… Continue reading

Book Review: Pretty Girls

ashley | ​I’ve never read anything by Karin Slaughter, but with a name like that, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Pretty Girls starts out like a lot of thrillers do; someone is… Continue reading

Book Review: What Lies Within

ashley | When James Morris contacted us to see if we were interested in reading his debut novel What Lies Within, he wooed us with a catalog of TV writing credits that couldn’t… Continue reading

Book Review: The New Neighbor

ashley | The New Neighbor by Leah Stewart takes that natural neighbourly curiosity to a whole new level when a woman obsessed with mystery novels tries to solve the mystery of her new… Continue reading